• rstand this design if you look at a picture which we have taken from 'The Ancient

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    Cities of the New World.' "Connected with this building is one which the Spaniards call the Church; it has only one room, and is twenty-six

    feet long by fourteen wide and thirty-one high, and the outside is covered with carved ornaments. Not

  • a great way from it is a circular building twenty-two feet in diameter and sixty

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    feet high, and having four doors that are placed exactly towards the cardinal points of the compass. The building is on a mound, and is appr

    oached by a grand staircase forty feet wide and having a balustrade formed of bodies of serpents twine

  • d together. Serpents have a prominent place in the ornamentation of Chichen, as th

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    ey appear in one form or another on nearly all the buildings. DOOR-POSTS IN TENNIS-COURT. "A very interesting building is the one which

    Stephens called the Gymnasium or Tennis-court. It consists of two parallel walls 30 feet thick, 274 fe

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et long, and 120 feet apart, and in each wall there are stone rings, or circles, four feet across, with holes one foot seven inches in diameter in the centre. These holes are oppos

ite each other and twent

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y feet from the ground, and it is supposed that a game something like tennis was played in the space between the walls. Baldwin's 'Ancient America' says there were similar courts i

n other cities of Yucata

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n and Central America, but no account of the games has come down to us. [Pg 525] CASA COLORADA. "The Casa Colorada, or Red House, is a building that would be creditable to the

architects of any count


ry and time, though it is not

a large edifice. It measures forty-three feet by twenty-three, and appears to have been elaborately ornament

ed ori

ginally, but has been greatly

defaced by time, and also by the Indians, who formerly lived in the vicinity. Before the Indian rebellion th

ere was a town near Chichen ca

lled Pisté; its inhabitants used to go to Chichen to practise shooting against the ruined edifices there. M

any of the buildings show


the marks of bullets, and it is probable that the

people of that town caused quite as much destruction as did the Indians. "But the most conspicuous of all the buildings of Chichen is El Castillo, or The Castle, which stands on an artificial hil

l, and is reached by a wide and long staircase, so overgrown with weeds and brushwood as to make the climbing difficult. It is the building usually occupied by explorers, as it offers a good place of defence against any maraudin

  • of feathers; and there is a row of si
  • milar heads running around the
  • whole length of the frieze of the nor
  • thern façade. The upper story i
  • s ornamented with panels cut i
  • nto the stone, and having a raised fig